Should You Have Tattoos?

By Administrator, 10 January, 2022


We have some thoughts:

Tattoos polarize — they are loved by some and hated by others. We have never had an escort rejected, because she did not have tattoos. We have had escorts not selected, because they have them.

Needless to say, there are some men that have a fetish for tattoos. Some want lots of them. The combination of large breasts and many tattoos is clearly very exciting for some clients. In the end, it is all a question about fantasy...

High class escorts typically do not have tattoos. They could disturb a beautiful look in an evening gown. They also do not age well.

Please keep in mind that tattoos make you recognizable. If you have many tattoos, it is difficult to discreetly work without being identified. Of course it is possible to photoshop them away, but then the question becomes why do it in the first place.

Let us know you thoughts...



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