Why utilize an agency for booking an Escort or Call Girl?

By Administrator, 27 January, 2020
The Escort Agency - pleasure without compromise

Public opinion appears to be that independent escorts and calls girls are cheaper.

We question if that really is the case, as so many clients get scammed when booking an independent escort.

Independent escorts, like agencies, request a deposit for a booking. If the escort then fails to appear, or is not as described, what will you do?

You can contact the Better Business Bureau, complain on "Hello Peter" or go to the Police. The Police has better things to do than track down escorts that did not deliver as promised, though. They have heard all the stories before, and may look at you with a straight, concerned face. As soon as you leave, they are bound to remark to a colleague: "There goes another sucker!".

Therefore, none of these options will get you your money back.

If you utilize an agency, you are dealing with a registered business. A business that has a reputation to protect...

Utilizing an escort agency ensures that you will get an escort which is as described. Maybe even more important, all ladies at our agency undergo monthly health testing.

Last but not least, your lady of pleasure will not keep you waiting. She will be at the location on time.




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