How Dark Are Your Secrets?

DARK SECRETS 2019 Cape Town VIP Party

The BEST GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE has the pleasure of hosting Cape Town's kinkiest pool party of the year


If "enjoy a pool party, while sipping cold drinks, and listening to tunes on a bluetooth speaker" sounds like the "same old, same old", we suggest you pay attention, as this event starts where other parties end.

DARK SECRETS 2019 is an exclusive mini festival with an attitude. Our stunning location is serving as an event location for the first time. Stunning views, exclusive suites and a designer pool are the foundation for this unusual event. A FUNKTION-ONE sound system will provide festival quality sound. A lineup of 8 engaging DJ's will rip in front of an epic backdrop from 1pm to 1am. The After Party will continue in the Lounge until breakfast is served after sunrise.

Five VIP Suites are available, one for each VIP, to take this party to another level. Each Suite will be at the VIP's (and his guests) disposal for 48 hours.

Get your kink on as the evening progresses and find the dark secrets - yours and those of Cape Town's stunning beauties. No Limits is our concept. This not only applies to event times. If you have questions, we suggest you use your imagination...

For those who are wondering, consent is always a must. We have an experienced security team ensuring that male and female guests have a great time, yet conform to our rules (no photos).

No Limits | No Photos | No Questions | No Excuses



This exclusive event is limited to five (5) VIP Packages. Each VIP Package allows event access for the VIP and 10 friends or business associates.

In total there will be a maximum of 55 male guests. No individual or additional tickets will be made available.

Access to this VIP Event is free for selected female guests. Access will be strictly controlled via a pre-approved guest list.

Minimum Age

18 years - no exceptions. Prevent unnecessary drama by bringing your ID.

Dress Code

Pool Party: Black bikini

Later: Appropriate party attire


  • Deep Aztec (headline act)
  • Shylo
  • DJ Viktoria
  • Tanya Vee
  • Gary G
  • Gareth Kenward
  • and special guests



Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Date: December 14, 2019

Time: 1pm - Open End

We strongly suggest you take a ride service like Uber



DARK SECRETS 2019 - The Sexiest Party In Town!




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