The Luxury Companions

The Girlfriend Experience with Luxury Companions

GFE, the Girlfriend Experience, is the ideal way for affluent individuals to spend quality time with beautiful, attentive ladies. The Girlfriend Experience is also brilliant as a social escort for functions, reunions, special events, weekend getaways and vacations. Whenever you want an attractive, attentive companion, the Girlfriend Experience is the ideal way to spend quality time - without drama, problems or disappointment.

The Girlfriend Experience Is A Lifestyle Choice

Diamonds may be forever. Relationships rarely are...

The Girlfriend Experience provides an interesting alternative for those who seek adventure, excitement, the unusual and the desirable. Few assets generate as much excitement as the presence and companionship of a desirable woman.

VIP Companions

BEST GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE is an elite agency, known for selected companions. Our companions are naturally beautiful, discrete and open minded. Just as important, they are warm, have a positive attitude and a sunny disposition. 

Why settle for less?

GFE and Girlfriend Experience have become marketing buzzwords that are utilized by many escort agencies. In most cases they simply imply kissing on the mouth and looking into each others eyes when being intimate. Fortunately, the true Girlfriend Experience is so much more!

The original definition of the Girlfriend Experience entails spending quality time together. Making an effort. Truly listening to the other party. Being interested. And being interesting. Anticipation of the unspoken. Adventure. The unknown...

If you find these aspects desirable, only the BEST GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE will do.

Which Agency?

Escort agencies are found in every city of the world. Only a handful of agencies have an international reputation for selected companions.

BEST GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE is the elite agency, known for selected people persons. Our companions are gifted: Discrete, interesting, naturally beautiful and with communication skills.